Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interview with Mathias!

There will be an interview with Mathias.

I can´t tell when I get it because:

First : You have to hand in questions , means you can ask Mathias what you always wanted to ask. If there are too many questions I or we have to choose.
Second: Mathias is going to answer , when he gets time to answer. So we are going to be be patient.

I will post the interview here on bellazon and on my new blog as soon as I get the answers from Mathias.

I am so excited that he agreed to answer our questions. I always knew he is the best

It would be great if you post your questions on bellazon because it would be easier for me.


  1. i would like to ask a few questions. i saw his painting with the human figure, (forgive me i am unsure as to what the title of the piece is) i was wondering if there is any other pieces he would be willing to share with the public (if it is possible is there any drawings i could see)? i was also wondering if he has explored sculpture (if so would he be willing to show examples of that as well)? i also heard that he moved to New York (i am unsure if this is true or a rumor) was it to better his modeling career, or is he pursuing an education as an artist in New York or was it for just a personal purpose? Thank you. i hope i did not inquire too much and i hope this is a proper place to ask this.

  2. Hi !
    Think the title of the picture is " Salvation " can´t remember if it was Salvation one or two.
    I only know that he is drawing, never heard about sculptures. I thought about asking him for more pictures of his drawings- just got an idea how to ask. As soon as I get anything I post it here.
    Mathias lives in New York ,think it´s the lower Eastside. Since he moved to New York he seems to get more jobs.
    Thanks for your questions - I am sure you are not the only one who wants to know this.
    Have a nice weekend !


  3. can you ask if he has a girlfriend????