Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mathias on myspace, facebook and twitter !

I remember when I started as a fan of Mathias, there were several Mathias Lauridsens with the famous Gucci pour hommes picture on myspace.
One Mathias indroduced himself with the copy of an indroduction from an interview. Strange?
One used to change his sexual orientation once in a while.  One lived in the middle of nowhere in the USA.  The best was one who revealed what he earns. I always guessed Mathias would never tell and since January we know, he never would.
Some time ago I saw Mathias is on Twitter- twice ! There is a Matty, which is an open account and a M-P-Lauridsen which is closed to public. MPL is twittering with other models and they are all closed to public. Now guess who is the real Mathias. I hope it´s not the MPL because he didn´t accept me to his Twitter acount :-) .

Addition from 22.October:

I was accepted by M_P_Lauridsen on Twitter.

BUT: I got informations  from trusted source now , that Mathias is not on Tweeter or myspace !

photo : Miguel Villalobos

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