Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Cartier, the French jewelry to their customers have prepared an exclusive collection of sunglasses, whose face became Mathias Lauridsen.

Face Mathias Lauridsen, who rarely shows his famous second profile without scars has become synonymous with a new collection of Cartier sunglasses. First and foremost is the limited edition glasses Santos-Dumont. The collection lacks a classic symbol of Santos in the form of the screw, while the current model, the screws are kind of aesthetic motif representing the masculine symbolism. Aerial shape rimless then adds a timeless model. The center of the glasses are decorated with little detail made from shark skin, which can take off or put on the mood. Glasses are available in two versions - silver and blue and golden brown.

Another passion for the male customers are exclusive glasses Wooden Santos de Cartier. These are particularly outstanding legs made from a combination of metal and wood and bubinga Tulipwood Wirginia. These rectangular sunglasses Cartier made already for some time Friday. The original model is based on Cartier wrist watches that were made in 1904 for a pilot Alberto Santos Dumont. These glasses are also two variants. All glasses should be available in the Prague boutique.

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