Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stockhom Fashion Week ss09: a dresser about Mathias :-)

Stockhom Fashion Week ss09 Hope mathias Dresser

Hope on display yesterday dressed you Mathias Lauridsen, currently the world's hottest male model. How did it feel?
- I have dressed David Gandy also, you know, so I am accustomed. But Mathias was really nice. Models with much experience who is on good agencies are more professional, they will in time and pleasant.

I have heard that the flirt much behind the scenes. Who would you prefer to be dated  by  Mathias or David Gandy?
- David Gandy is rather slim. But he is older than me so it may be he. It would be weird to date someone who looks like 17. Now I do not know how old Mathias is, therefore, he is so clearly older than 17 but he is THIN as a little boy.

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