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VMAN Male Model World Cup Soccer Tournament June 2010

Best Friday Night Fashion Event Ever: VMan Male Model World Cup

What's better on a balmy Friday night than hanging out at Chelsea Piers, sipping icy cocktails, and watching dozens of male models from New York's top agencies run around—shirtless and glistening with sweat—playing soccer? VMan sponsored its first hopefully-to-be-annual Male Model World Cup last Friday night. Request, VNY, Major, DNA, Ford, and New York Models all sent teams to represent."I came up with this idea actually at Mathias Lauridsen’s birthday dinner," VMan editor Jacob Brown told "He was telling me about the league soccer he plays, and how so many of the guys are also very serious soccer players—a lot of them are from Europe and have played all their lives. One of us made a joke like, 'Oh wouldn’t it be funny if there was a big tournament where all the models competed.' And then I realized that it would actually be a perfect event for VMan to host."Oh, and in case you were wondering, the boys in blue—Hummel uniforms, all around—from Major Models won the VMan cup.

June 1, 2010 1:07 pm

VMAN Male Model World Cup by Damien Neva

Pier 59, New York — The VMAN Male Model World Cup in the end was more fashion than football, but try telling that to the boys on the pitch fighting it out for top honors. Not even in the World Cup proper will you find participants averaging a height of 6’0 and as such there would have been no place for the likes of diminutive Leo Messi or Andrés Iniesta at the VMAN sponsored event.When all was said and done Team Ford Men finished third after beating VNY 3-1 in a the third-place play-off match. Major were crowned champions after beating a very good DNA side in the final. The winners will get a spread in a forthcoming issue of VMAN. Our guys regularly feature in VMAN so please don’t accuse us of sour grapes when we say our boys didn’t have proper motivation to win. OK? We’re fooling no one, aren’t we?We would like to give a big shout to VMAN for hosting the event, Mathias Lauridsen for conceiving it, JD Ferguson for emceeing the evening, and Hummel for kitting out all the players. If anyone at VMAN is up for it…I’d like to help organize the VMAN Male Model Euro Cup in 2012. I can also help get a proper DJ…we know one or two very well who would fit the bill.Special thanks to Marcus Warren over at CoaFA for contributing photos to this story. Please visit CoaFAfor more pictures. Please also visit MDC and Fashionisto for pictures from the evening.

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JD Ferguson 
If you took off from the city early last week for Memorial Day—and love male models, amd are a huge soccer fan—then you totally missed VMAN’s first ever MALE MODEL WORLD CUP. Last Friday over at Chelsea Piers golf driving range the big guns from the big agencies proved themselves on the beautiful stadium-lit field. The event was conceived by VMAN’s editor Jacob Brown and everyone’s fave Dane obsession model Mathias Lauridsen late one night a few months ago after Lauridsen’s birthday dinner. And thank god they did, because this was eye-candy overload at its best! 
AND these guys could actually play.Not since Volleypalooza in South Beach in the 90′s has there been an industry competition of this sort, and the stakes were high (look for a future spread of winning team in next issue of VMAN—tear sheets make the best trophy). With so many European boys in town and on the field (with screaming girls, photographers, editors and agents off the field) the level of play was not only impressive as hell but kept the crowd interested in more than just ripped abs and cute hair. Germans, Swedes, Brazilians, Brits, Italians, and yes, even a few Americans…this match had ‘em all.Ford Models, New York Models, Request, DNA, VNY, and Major were all given two chances to make it to the finals and with each match lasting only 10 minutes the play was fast and furious.
 “Dominate the ball” was the name of the game (and quickly) and in the end it Major Models with team captain Oraine Barrett who proved able to do it best. But not without a fight from DNA and team captain Matt Loewen, who also had a stellar team. Semi finalists were FORD and VNY and all four teams rallied hard til the end.If not for meeting for the first time just 5 minutes before receiving their uniforms (I know because I introduced them) and with only 20 minutes to get a game plan together, New York Models may have had a better shot.
 Thankfully, like myself, and all the other spectators (who, when not watching the sweaty bodies run up and down the field were dancing away to Lady Gaga while swiggin’ free Akvinta Vodka) team captain and event chairman Mathias Lauridsen stayed for all the fun. A big fat honorable mention to Request and team captain Arthur k who had an amazing team and even started the night off bangin’ out the first goal of the tournament against VNY within the first 30 seconds of the match.Speaking of players, without their competitiveness, skill, and ability this event would not have been what it was. All models and team members played excellent soccer. VNY new face Mike Boyd from Texas was impressive to watch as was DNA NYer Wes Phillips who was all over the place. Robin Scott, FORD team Captain Marcus Anderssen, Oraine Barrett, Brazilian Issa Tomalen, German George Paul (who scored the one and only point in final match) and Fred Laatsch all get “holy shit dude you can play soccer!” shout outs.
 But really all the guys played really well. (And how could they not with all the chicks on the sidelines cheering ‘em on the whole night.)Jin Yung was my “soccer-know-how” sidekick-on-the-MIC, and did a great job keeping us all straight on the game. Big thank you’s to Evelin Joos over at VMAN for all her hard work in making this event happen! To Hummel for providing uniforms, Akvinta Vodka for kickin’ off everyones memorial day weekend right, V‘s Steven Chaiken and all the interns who helped with the night, blogger/photographer Marcus Mason at COAFA and Betty at for providing us with these shots (if any of you have great shots please email them to to be posted on VMAN’s Facebook page; and of course to Chelsea piers for letting us play on their turf!Special thank you to Jacob Brown and Mathias Lauridsen for conceving this event. And BIG special thank you to Stephen Gan for letting it all happen, and for constantly, whether it’s ice skating during fashion week or 70′s divas singing during parties with fashion shows, creating fun and unique events for all of us to enjoy!
I’m your host JD Ferguson, and I’m outta here. (Oh sorry, evidently i still think I’m on the mic.) See ya next time!

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Berlin fashionweek fall/winter 2011 Hugo Boss

backstage New York fashion week?

I posted this as a picture from Berlin fashionweek but since when have the trees in Berlin leaves in winter ? Oops ! I guess it´s from New York fashion week.

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HUGO Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2012

At the moment I can´t see the video in Germany anymore because of roalties.
For the Germans who did not see it up to now and for the rest of the world ....

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Mathias will walk for Hugo Boss in Berlin on 19th Jan

from Hugo Boss facebook :
"A personal message from the HUGO Menswear designer Bart de Backer - Watch the live stream of the HUGO Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2012 tomorrow at 01:30 p.m. (CET) online on  or mobile on !"

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Dansk magazine " teaser cover"

Mathias Lauridsen wears Versace.
 Photographer: Mark Kean
 Fashion director: Toby Grimditch

Image courtesy of DANSK

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