Friday, October 19, 2012

Hugo Boss Winter 2012 Online Campaign

Daniel Jackson (Photographer)

Alastair McKimm (Fashion Editor/Stylist)

Rita Marmor (Hair Stylist)

Yadim  (Makeup Artist)

Magnus Berger (Art Director)

Tenzin Wild (Producer)

source : says its on the Boss website but up to now I can´t find it


  1. I found one picture other 2 here I can only find 3 pictures maybe they are part from different editorials. I am not talking about the shoots but about the place where the picture were published. There are 20 pages with news about Mathias mixed with other stuff so I think they must be somewhere on I found them by typing Mathias Lauridsen on their site in the SEARCH box. I hope I helped. :)


  2. sure. I have one curiosity... do you by chance Mathias favourite colour? I am just being curious ...