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THANKS TO EVERYONE for visiting Mathias and me!
Thanks to Mathias for being such a gorgeous  model and a very nice guy! 

There are many pictures I can post here!and I will do so :-)

Y-3 Fall Winter 2011

Thanks to stylerumor!
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Makeup: Pat McGrath Hair: Eugene Souleiman Casting director: Andrew Weir for ACW

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 If you see them coming better step aside ......

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About comments! ( Part2)

I always wonder that there are no comments anymore. Thanks to Alexica I know that I disabled it! Sorry!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Michael Kors

At Michael Kors - this evening ( or whatever it is in New York)

I am going to post all small pics I find this evening here !

About comments !

You are allowed to write comments here. Don´t be afraid if your English is not good.  My English is more German- English than English.
But I read the comments first before they can be seen here. The last one who wrote a comment accused me of " stalking" Mathias.
Come on - I can´t afford to fly neither to  New York nor to Copenhagen. I am sure Mathias is very glad about it  :-)

Maybe I need a donation account!

Sorting the pictures !

I hope my job problem is going to be solved the next days. If it is , I think I get the nerv to sort the pictures in the backstage, editoral... pages.

H&M ( a bit bigger :-) )

adidas Y-3 A/W 2011-12 Fashion Show -video

I wanted to load up the video here but my computer is going to be repaired on Saturday and my netbook refuses to load up the video :-( 

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finally the bigger ones from veron mag

Thanks to minami we get the bigger pictures. Go and visit her blog :

from Paul Maffi´s portfolio

Thanks to Newgirl 10 ( bellazon) we got the cut out from Paul Maffi´s portfolio.