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Varon magazine

This picture belongs to the thosewhich were made for Varon magazine but were not published. I got the magazine  , that´s why I know. Thanks to the fashonisto we got this picture.


the edidoral was posted here on 2 February 2011

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rolled up pants- Hilfiger ?

Breuninger spring/summer 2011

Poor Mathias worked for the Swabians . Hope they paid him well.

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Wide Open N-Way - Day of Phoenix

Remember?! the group of Mathias´ dad and uncle .
Now on i tunes.


The name is spelled wrong on i tunes , which might cause a problem when you want to find it.
Just saw you also get it in Europe.

Cover 2005

Hermes spring summer 09

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Still waiting for a translation !


Greetings to Denmark ! Please, we are waiting for the translation.

Backstage Hermes spring/ summer 09

Fan made : pictures and video

Again we got art work by Natasha- Elenai Erdei !

 drawing with ink


Video on youtube :  The World Famous Mathias Lauridsen made by voodookissbig .
Cute pictures with romantic music ! Swoon!


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Gieves & Hawkes campaign 2007

As I can´t find new pictures :-(  I decided to post  old ones  :-) .

H&M gif

Thanks to : http://balloonies.tumblr.com/ and don´t miss the archive ( http://balloonies.tumblr.com/archive )

Friday, March 4, 2011

I thought the only fun I would have today is cleaning my windows ...

Up to now best version of the pic...

Sorry- the pics are a bit small

Can´t get enough of Mathias dancing, jumping...

New Video: H&M Pants collection 2011

H&M screenshot

H&M pants collection

Thanks flashbang !

from Simon Rasmussens blog

Simon Rasmussen is a Danish designer , who wone the Danish fashion award  and worked together with Mathias several times.


NK – Nordiska Kompaniet spring / summer 2009

Ad Campaign: NK 2009
Models: Mathias Lauridsen  and Lily Cole
Photography by Jorgen Ringstrand
Website: www.ringstrand.com

 Posted again but as it´s one of my favorite pictures ...   

New Mathias blog from China

Mathias got fans from all over the world and lots of them are from Asia.
Now there is a lovely  new  fan made blog from China.

Go to :

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