Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Posted at Fashionspot by Alba
I was reading a magazine last night and my best friend who isn't in to fashion at all was reading it with me...While looking at a ed with Mathias Lauridsen she said: "Hm...oh, he went to our school...what was his name...? Mathias I think"---And I was like ... "WUUAT?!!"...
And she said: "Yearh...we used to tease him and he once stole my mittens and hit them and I started crying..." ...I now only remember him vaguely..but as far as I remember he was very...Well, in danish it's called a pop-guy...you can say preppy and shy...and had bad skin...
Next week I will visit my school and see if I can borrow the class photograpy of his year and then scan it...hihi-..so FUNNY!!!

Posted  at Fashionspot by Fraitaly
Probably is the most gorgeous guy that i ever seen in my life.
I was waiting for him, outside the gucci show today and when i saw him...he was like a pure angel:a little polite boy! He s so damn sweet and nice. Happy that i met my favourite model, and for all of you:live he is more beautiful!!

                         Mathias and Fraitaly ?

can´t remember where I found this:
"this is fun ; one of my friends used to date him(!!!), but it was years ago now. i remember her talking about him being a fantastic kisser(!!!??) - no wonder, those lips"

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