Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Carolina Herrera 212 gifs

from http://anouck.tumblr.com/


  1. On youtube is the list of all models from the video. As I am not interested in other models I know don´t know who she is. But here´s the list :
    Feat. Mathias Lauridsen, Ieva Laguna, Tommy Dunn, Missy Rayder, Chris Folz and Michaela Kocianova.

  2. Yes, I look this in Youtube, but I don´t find photos about Mathias and she.

    >.< Sorry for my bad english, I speak spanish.

    I love this blog, Mathias Lauridsen is great! I love him!

  3. What a pitty that there is no ad campaign in the papers with Mathias for Carolina Herrera.
    Thanks for liking my blog :-) and for loving Mathias.

  4. T.T

    Three years ago I saw an ad, and since then I fell in love with him, he is so perfect!

  5. I love that video..
    But I havea question D:
    She is Ieva Laguna ?

  6. I don´t know but Ieva Laguna is on the models list for the video on youtube.

  7. Yes... But I am not sure :(
    Uhmmm... I have a question...
    Is Mathias in the Cibeles Fashion Week, in Spain? Now?

  8. Sorry, but I never read that he ever was at the fashion week in Spain. Guess he is only on the runway when he is invited .