Monday, June 24, 2013

Milan airport


  1. Actually two Chinese fans met him by chance at Milan airport. So it shouldn't be private: )
    Thank you for all the resources posted here btw~ It really surprises me that how you keep collecting and sharing infromation about him for so many years~ awesome job!

    1. Thank you ! Saw the first pic of Mathias 2006 , should have never bought that magazine, I would stillbe a faithfull fan of Alan Rickman :-) . Damn , Mathias is so handsome .

    2. hahaha~definitely one of the most faithful "lord Mathias minions", aren't you:-D
      To be honest, I only began to fall for him in this year. It's so depressing that I missed his golden age: ( I followed you in Bellazon initially and then tracked here. Seeing all the efforts you've put into these are rathering impressive and incredible… I mean, some big fans who used to be very active, Faith and Facemaker etc. , all disappear nowadays, but you're still keeping on. Mathias really deserves great fans like you! (though he kinda care nothing about the approvals around him XDDD)

  2. The good old times :-) when Mathias was on the runway for 16 brands during the fashion week . Miss facemaker, she was so helpfull. Faith never liked me, don't know why, but her Oh Danish boy was excellent !
    Would be great if Mathias would appreciate me a bit more. He said he will answer our questions and he never did, it hurts a bit. Thought he would keep his promises. Nearly wanted to give up, but he is still so damn handsome, so I carry on

  3. I think faith was just too busy on Modelhomme to interact with you on Bellazon back then, doesn't mean she disliked you^^ODB was great but most of the links to image and video cannot work, don't know why. As for mathais, you may know lots of Chinese funs met him during shanghai, beijing and NY shows in the recent 2 years. Some said he could be very polite to funs, but at the same time leave the impression of keeping a distance with strangers. Maybe it's his way of dealing with interpersonal relationship…… still, he didn't answer your questions is disappointing: (

  4. Different sources including old class mates of Mathias said he used to be shy, so I think it is not easy for him to deal with stranger especially fans :-) . His luck he never met me ;-). . Mathias is a capricorn , means it takes him a while to get closer to people and to trust him.
    Most important he is always nice to his fans and allows them to take pictures. Or maybe he keeps distance because he is afraid they would swoon and fall into his arms:-)