Monday, March 30, 2015

Lacoste 2015


  1. Mathias was in Brazil recently, more precisely in the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Niteroi, making a shoot for Lacoste. He's beautiful, I saw him in person! His eyes are WOW The shoot was done on the museum, with a wonderful view, and he wore a green coat and gave heels while being photographed. I'm sure the photos were incredible! I felt sorry for him because when he came down from the museum, some girls who were around requested photos and shouted a lot. He was embarrassed! Hahahahahaha That part was really funny.
    For people who are not used to our way, should really be scary hahahahaha Oh, one more thing: some girls got to see some of it while he changed clothes HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ITS SO FUNNY! I think they appreciated very well the wonderful view.

    1. Hi Carmen,
      That's so wonderful ! Thanks for sharing . Like that he was embarressed by the girls :-) . I often read that Mathias is very shy, so this was really not easy for him .
      Love Martina