Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gieves & Hawkes campaign 2007

As I can´t find new pictures :-(  I decided to post  old ones  :-) .

Backstage pictures by Sébastien Mart from .
What a pitty that it´s not open to public anymore !

I think the pic of Mathias with sexy Nicolas Bemberg was taken the same day.

NK – Nordiska Kompaniet spring / summer 2009

Ad Campaign: NK 2009
Models: Mathias Lauridsen  and Lily Cole
Photography by Jorgen Ringstrand

 Posted again but as it´s one of my favorite pictures ...   


  1. Marty, you are amazing. AMAZING! - Marie

  2. Thank you . But it´s not me who is amazing, it´s Mathias !