Saturday, March 19, 2011

Breuninger spring/summer 2011

Poor Mathias worked for the Swabians . Hope they paid him well.

 Photo: Morten Bjarnhof


  1. The funny thing is that they call this the American Way of Style and are trying to make it a "comeback" of "legendary" college styles, when it was NEVER an American way of style (rolled up pants to show colored socks on boys???), much less in college, and not for guys who are approaching THIRTY.

    What a bad concept!

    And even though Mathias looks fabulous, what did they do to his face????

  2. The Germans think some things are typical American because they saw it on TV because on TV you see a lot of chlices . But as you say this"Ameican style" seems to be pure fantasy :-) .
    About Mathias: strange hair, too much photo shop but on some pics he looks so cute.

  3. Hello! a question in that year were these pictures? =)

  4. Replies
    1. I saw I forgot to write for which season the campaign was, as it was a bit more obvious when it came out but a year later it was a good question.